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About us

The Property Accountants are property tax and accounting specialists. We are a friendly down to earth firm who help property businesses. As a small firm we offer an approachable and hands on service where we really get to know our clients.

As a team of chartered tax advisers and chartered accountants we provide up to date and pro-active advice. Clients love our bespoke Tax Strategy document, which we put in place for each new client.

Have non property related business interests? Not a problem, we can take of this too.

We have streamlined our processes using the latest technology so we can spend less time on administration and more time speaking to our clients. Being landlords ourselves there’s nothing better we like than talking property, so feel free to give us a call if you want to know more.  

We work on a monthly fixed fee model, spreading out the cost of the fees over the year and we don’t charge additional fees for adhoc queries, so our clients can ring us anytime and it’s all part of the service!


Services Provided to Include:

✓  Property business set up advice

✓  Property business structuring advice

✓  Accounts and tax returns for landlords and/or developer individuals, partnerships and Ltd companies. 
✓  Income tax and/or corporation tax advice
✓  Capital gains tax advice
✓  Inheritance tax advice
✓  VAT advice
✓  SDLT advice and refund service

Property specific advice incorporating:
✓  Buy to Let
✓  Property development / flipping
✓  Rent to rent
✓  Build to rent
✓  Serviced accommodation

All part of all inclusive fixed fee service.

Who Can Benefit From The Property Accountant?

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All new clients get a free initial consultation to ensure that their current structure is best suited to them. Our mission is simple - helping you pay less tax.

Want a bespoke Tax Strategy document? All included as part of our service.


Pricing Plans

Please see below an indication of our pricing structure. In all cases we will produce a tailored fixed quote and also a FREE initial consultation at which point there is no obligation to continue with us


from £15

+ VAT per month

✓  Initial Consultation

✓  Property Business Structuring Advice

✓  Ongoing Tax Advice

✓  Self Assessment Tax Return

✓  Rental Income and Expenditure

✓  Receipt Bank Software

✓  1 Property - £15 per month

✓  2 Properties - £20 per month

✓  3-4 Properties - £25 per month

Limited Company

from £60

+ VAT per month

✓  Initial Consultation

✓  Property Business Structuring Advice

✓  Ongoing Tax Advice

✓  Company accounts and Tax Return

✓  Directors Tax Return

✓  Receipt Bank Software

*Additional cost for Xero, VAT or payroll services

Additional Services (for non-subscription clients)

✓  Annual self assessment tax return - £200
✓  One off 1hr tax consultation call - £150
✓  30 day CGT reporting service - £150
✓  SDLT review and refund service - bespoke

✓  Inheritance tax planning and advice - bespoke

✓  VAT review and refund service - bespoke

✓  Overseas investor tax planning - bespoke

✓  Full tax and optimisation review - bespoke


The Software We Use


Xero is our preferred accounting and bookkeeping package. Here at TPA we have fully certified Xero advisors to help with all your needs. Xero is a fully functional cloud accounting platform built on an intuitive interface. It allows you to swiftly send invoices and upload expenses whilst realtime tracking the activity within the business bank account.


Receipt Bank is a piece of OCR software which can be dowloaded as an application and allows you to take photos of receipts and expenses which can then be downloaded as a report or it integrates seamlessly with various accounting packages including Xero. With making tax digital, we are looking to future proof our processes now and encourage clients to make the transition with the ongoing support and training provided.


What Our Clients Say About Us


"Rhys has been my adviser for many years. Always available to discuss, plan and save me tax. 

Stuart Phipps

"Rhys’s very supportive, approachable and proactive. He put together a tax strategy document for me. This includes my background position, how I should be structuring things tax efficiently, but also covering off the annual reliefs and exemptions I should take advantage of. I can’t thank him enough."

Lima Lima Management Ltd

"Rhys is a fountain of property tax knowledge. He's saved me £000s in SDLT informing me of an exemption my previous accountant and solicitor were not aware of."

Nick Heal

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Should I purchase my BTL through a LTD company?

That’s a common question we get asked. Now that mortgage interest is no longer fully tax deductible this increases the amount of tax owing for landlords. However, the general rule is that if you are a 40% taxpayer then a Ltd company is a sensible option for you. If you are planning more BTL purchases in the future then a company is definitely an attractive route. In a company mortgage interest relief is fully tax deductible and the tax rate is 19%. For individuals who are 20% taxpayers then the mortgage interest restriction rule should not impact you. So purchasing in your own name is still a sensible option. However, if you are close to becoming a 40% taxpayer i.e. earning close to £50,000 and you are planning to build a portfolio then it might be worth using a Ltd company from the start. As part of our fixed fee service we include business planning and structuring as part of our service.

Can I claim home expenses as part of my property business?

It is possible to claim a portion of home expenses when undertaking property business related activities in your home. Home expenses include electric, gas, water, mortgage interest, rent, cleaning costs and repairs. You can either claim simplified expenses, approved by HMRC, to save time recording expenses. Alternatively, you can record and claim a portion of home expenses by reference to the area of your home you use for business and the time spent undertaking the property related work. Here at The Property Accoutant we have a free excel template which our clients can use to record their costs. Please email us if you would like a copy.

My siblings and I are inheriting a property (worth £240k), which has a mortgage attached, how should we structure the ownership?

This will depend on what tax rate each of you pay and what your future plans are. If you are all basic rate taxpayers, and unlikely to be 40% taxpayers anytime soon, then individual ownership should be fine. You may want to hold as a partnership if you want flexibility and are looking to incorporate in the future, as this has tax advantages. If you are all higher rate taxpayers and looking to purchase more properties in the future then a Ltd company is a sensible option. This avoids being penalised by the mortgage interest restriction rules and the company has a lower rate of tax (19%), which means more net profits to recycle and build cash reserves for the future. Of course one of the most important points here is making sure you are all on the same page and you plan for potential exits in the future. This will avoid potential disagreements going forward.

Do I need a separate bank account for my property business?

We would certainly recommend it as it makes the tax and accounts more straightforward. Plus you can use the account to build up your tax provision and cash buffer to fund future acquisitions.

I've rented out my old property to move in with my girlfriend. We've now decided to sell her house and buy a bigger house together. Will we have to pay the 3% surcharge.

As you are both purchasers of a residential property, both of your individual positions will be taken into account for determining whether the 3% SDLT surcharge applies. Firstly, looking at your position, you are not replacing your main


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